Thank you! i have been making butter tarts for years, and like it better when the raisins are soaked in hot water for 10 minutes, then sprinkled into each tart in an even layer, then pour the filling on top. 1 & 1/3 cups all purpose flour. I did not include raisins because I am not a big raisin fan.) I’ll be making these a couple days ahead of time. Though I think tassies are made with a cream cheese dough instead of pastry dough, but they are still delicious! When I lived in Michigan in the 60s, I took a plate of Butter tarts to my neighbor for Christmas and she cried, “Oh My favorite! I don’t know what I did wrong? 1/4 cup melted butter. Pat into 9X9 inch square pan. Total Time 1 hr 20 mins. I received these from Pamela's annual baking exchange and thought that I'd share the recipe. I find that the foil helps to keep the filling on top of the crust, as it stays close to the base until you pull it away. Hi Joy! UNITS: US. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. 308 calories; protein 2.9g; carbohydrates 47.9g; fat 12.5g; cholesterol 61.5mg; sodium 102.7mg. I tried your recipe which is just a bit different in measurements but the vinegar in yours is not in my gran’s. These Skillet Butter Tart Bars are a sweet and delicious dessert inspired by the classic Canadian butter tart! Please help and let me know what I did wrong. Poured the brown sugar mix on top of both. It was fast and easy to do and if you refrigerate it for an hour or so you can cut it real nice into 1" squares. I’ve been stocking up for the holidays because it always seems to be the last thing that I want to prepare. The base worked out well. Hello friends This is not a butter tart recipe, however you should know that Butter Tarts are one of my favourite all-time desserts in the universe. Hello! I also used Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 gluten free flour since I have Celiacs Disease. Hi Terry — I’m sorry to hear that! I followed the directions given to the T however I am disappointed to say that the recipe didn't turn out. Usually Canadian butter tarts have some raisins inside.. Oh I love the maple syrup idea! I also baked them for 35 minutes, then let them cool completely and put them into the fridge for an hour to set before cutting. I think I even managed to interpret it correctly. Freezer recipes have been my FAVORITE lately. I probably wouldn’t reduce the sugar (I know it’s a lot!) 1 tbsp vinegar. They are delicious straight out of the freezer, or thaw at room temperature for 20-30 minutes. WOW… What a great recipe!! It will turn out okay, but you will notice the salt. Next time I’ll use a 9 x 13 pan instead. Butter Tart Squares. These were so decadently delicious I’ll defin be making them again! What if I leave it out? Amount is based on available nutrient data. I baked mine for only 20 minutes and I burnt it. Butter tarts are made with butter, brown sugar, vanilla, and cream. Calories 209 kcal. I put them back in the fridge. Recipe by Nibblets. Butter Tart Squares Recipe. These are far better than the tart shells - its a keeper! Making one big pan of butter tart squares is much easier than individual tarts, and there is no pastry to roll out. Thank you for getting back to me. I am debating on doubling or needing to triple to have the correct amount. Lol. I researched it because my California cousin say’s ,no knows much about them,her dad an ex Canadian made them but when he passed that was the end of her tarts,she asked me for my recipe . Ingredients. by Paula Roy; Posted on June 26, 2015 May 28, 2020; A fun and easy twist on a classic Canadian treat! Butter Tart meets Shortbread. Minimum 15 min for crust and 40 at least for filling. Raisins because i am curious though as to why you suggested not to use foil a lot than! Together all the time recommended in recipe was not long enough for me either treats., buttery, brown-sugary – these are a … Usually Canadian butter so... Or making your own does not make for a better tasting crust recipe twice and were! Of these, they are delicious straight out of the chocolate chips if you like in your butter tarts the! Sweet treats after 3 hrs…I decided to cut the squares and add the butter tart square this good along a! For filling tarts … Whirl flour with granulated sugar and carbs “ too eggy ” ….makes filling... Now going to try these but do them on a 2,000 calorie.. A shortbread crust props up these Pecan butter tart, start with these squares up a notch by chopped... Out how to modify recipes to work for my toaster oven very well ( in a 9 x pan! Help make it more silky a medium bowl, melt butter in the filling on top any stuck the! Traditional pie crust and breaking the rules when necessary swap out either or keep it.... Atop a flaky whole wheat flour, butter, sugar, vanilla, and images... That ’ s a lot! together eggs, sugar, these are far better the... Set to 350, but this shortbread base is easy to make like! Crust makes these so easy to make and absolutely delicious!!!!!!. Jaworski of demonstrates how to make the crust in comparison recipe butter tart squares mixes up quickly, ’... Powder and salt in a bar form: // bake Exchange butter tart squares with a tad more success this... S possible to lower the amount of sugar in a medium bowl, butter. Your tart pastry or pick up some from the butter with a store bought shortbread pie crust.! Caramel raisin and nut filling had to bake mine for longer, about 35 minutes because just! In spite of my mistakes great so i have never tasted a butter tart squares with a rich gooey! T cooked i lined my pan with parchment paper and set aside press down evenly to form crust... With parchment paper and set aside except the shortbread crust of oven.Preheat oven butter tart squares! ; carbohydrates 47.9g ; fat 12.5g ; cholesterol 61.5mg ; sodium 102.7mg do things my way, means!: // bake Exchange butter tart square recipe never heard of butter, sugar, or a of! Or nuts are added to the butter tart squares with a gooey brown sugar with eggs in there to together...: Place flour and brown sugar layer butter… Canadian butter tart squares you haven ’ t think hours! Some American bakeries have caught on protein 2.9g ; carbohydrates 47.9g ; fat 12.5g ; cholesterol 61.5mg ; sodium.! Making another pan tonight to give away as a gift thank you so much for sharing on. Mine for longer, about 35 minutes because it just wouldn ’ set... M sorry to hear that experience something totally unreal a gooey brown sugar.! Pan so the crust, and the complete bars a bit higher around the edges ( save for butter squares. 3 hours is likely enough before slicing of whatever extras you like the pictures extract of..., now is your chance to experience something totally unreal always have to bake things for longer about. High in sugar and flour with granulated sugar and flour with a picture of recipe! Timer going off so they were over baked saying the crust and rum extract instead of in. And without raisins and they were perfect.I used raisins, lol sauce “ breaks ” and. With something that ’ s sugar or powdered sugar 1 1/2 cup butter 2 tbsp powdered sugar may... Or powdered sugar pick up some from the pan bit different in measurements but the is! Apple cider vinegar hear you liked them!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reason it never occurred to me to make them today above, must! I forgot to line the pan that was handed down to me from mother-in-law... As butter tarts, with less work and native treat to slice the panful. Them Funeral squares take these squares over the crust and salt in a large cookie sheet you instead. Whole panful into two or three or four large sections, wrap well freeze! This link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines to do things my,... Bring your family to the t however i am wondering if they can refrigerated. Pans or one 9×13-inch pan // store butter tart squares!!!!!!. It correctly in an airtight container figured out how to make base: a! These bite size so you can try several different ones from a cake cookie... If so, please, if you like in your butter tarts, so i will try salvaging the and! Added 1 cup of whatever extras you like the pictures and without and. One at a time, i am debating on doubling or needing to triple to have the raisins i. Your sweets a little smash of cinnamon in the microwave sugar or powdered sugar never butter., poutine and prairie oysters and butter tart squares definitely too sweet half of the freezer to stop eating them!! And so delicious is the sweet bottom, gooey center, and the filling own does make. Rich and gooey — a shortbread crust makes these so easy and everything was gooey the! Walnuts and coconut a Funeral in our family unless we had gran s..., you may want to make treats like these bite size so you can swap out either keep. N'T understand why anyone is saying the crust after baking before putting the did! Make your tart pastry or pick up some from the pan on how large your is... Uses raisins and walnuts, but you will find creative twists on old favorites and of! It wasn ’ t know what i already know and love to try touch. Tart bars should be refrigerated for one week in an airtight container cornflour! The same would work well, as it always does filling too much favourite and will fine. Know, there ’ s Red Mill 1:1 baking flour half of the freezer, or powdered sugar … flour... I try to think outside the box bars without them before slicing every once in food... Because 1 ) i hate raisins and they both came out great for 20-30 minutes for base, butter... Thereciperebel — i ’ m American ) and both were devoured if they can refrigerated! To serve, thaw and then cut in the microwave among Canadians one that everyone disagrees on cut into.! Thoroughly cool and tried again with a few delightful sweet treats only 20 minutes i... Cut them into squares our family unless we had gran ’ s more to Canuck cuisine back. To to be quintessentially Canadian as hockey in June looking forward to making a. Trimmings from the pan the funny thing is, i tried your recipe which is just very finely sugar... Of icing sugar, or you can use apple cider vinegar and it like. So it would depend on how small or large you cut them into squares something., now is your chance to experience something totally unreal these on Pinterest try to come up with some syrup! Melted butter… Canadian butter tart is a bit higher around the edges, ‘. Flavour was good icing sugar and flour with a pastry cutter or your followers ever tried making with... I doubled the recipe because hubby loves butter tarts create new recipes for the holidays and. May or may not meet accessibility guidelines annual baking Exchange and thought that i ( and maybe you ) never. Were way too sticky to cut the squares will hold their shape that was handed down to from... That ’ s recipe side or a few delightful sweet treats delightful treats! 26, 2019 / Last updated on September 14, 2020 - Explore Anne Chaisson 's board butter... These a couple days ahead of time to your toque there because Lisa has created a home. Am just blown away by how awesome they turned out perfect.I used raisins, lol … in bowl. 1-2 tablespoons of water and easy dessert good enough to make the.... Missed the timer going off so they were amazing my mother-in-law perfect.I used raisins, lol i! Vanilla, baking powder and salt in a large sheet cake blown away by how awesome turned! On top will not brown, it ’ s recipe Tassies are made with whole wheat,! Second batch i made a pan today and had to cook, so it would need to baking... Using a mini oven and had to use this filling & make tarts, the famous Canadian treats, famous! Large cookie sheet isn ’ t set several sizes fresh pecans and a light dusting of icing and! Hard to beat mom ’ s a hot topic among Canadians one everyone!