Monocacy Creek also hosts a 1.9 mile stretch of water classified as Trophy Trout Water by the PFBC, granted in 1988. Open to fishing year-round. Excepted is a mid-section area extending 0.7 mile from the Depot Street Bridge in Jessup downstream to the foot bridge in Robert Mellow Park, LYCOMING I had googled the Monocacy Creek and came up with a few hits that claimed it was a blue ribbon "trophy trout" creek, so I couldn't resist. The semi- Quarterly publication of the Monocacy Chapter TU. Estimates of trout > 14 inches in length (i.e., trophy trout size) have been consistently low ranging from three per mile in 1992 to a high of 23/mile in 1997 (Figure 2). Brandon Pursell. The estimated number of wild brown trout > 7, 10, and 14 inches per mile for Section 07 of Monocacy Creek. Surveys to assess the population were not performed in 2002 through 2007, noted as ... after 2001 on the “x” axis. The pristine Tom’s Creek is being threatened by possible mining in the area. Our parking spot will be next to an old mill dam and access should be relatively easy. Wow! Trophy Trout Artificial Lures Only. September 4, 2017 – "The End of Labor is to Gain Leisure" – Monocacy Creek A twelve incher from a creek barely twelve feet wide is not a bad way to ease back into the fall. The daily creel limit is two trout (combined species) except for the period from the day after Labor Day to 8 a.m. of the first Saturday after April 11 of the following year, when no trout may be killed or had in possession. I took another relatively short trip to the Lehigh Valley on Labor Day morning, this time to suburban Bethlehem to target wild browns on the Monocacy Trophy Trout section. This ranked as the seventh highest estimate recorded over the time series data collection set. Saucon Creek Northampton - Pennsylvania. The exceptional wild brown trout population within this section of stream continues to provide anglers with a high density of wild trout in the 7 to 13 inch size range. Fly fishing Monocacy Creek, an urban limestone stream in runs through the suburbs of historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 12 lbs 8 oz monster rainbow by my cousin , these kids are anglers. The Monocacy Creek is used primarily for aesthetic and recreational purposes. The stream has two sections of special regulation water. Monocacy Creek is a tributary of the Lehigh River in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. Over 15 years of monitoring, biomass estimates have fluctuated from a low of 77.9 kg/ha 2000 to a high of 205.2 kg/ha in 1988. The trout of Tom’s Creek need our voice A fellow Monocacy Scenic River Board member, Jack Lynch, sent me the following information today. These factors probably have a greater influence on the abundance and size structure of the trout population than the current angling regulations. Fishing in Class A Wild Trout Waters is permitted year-round, although the killing of fish is forbidden from Labor Day to the beginning of the following year's trout season. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania classifies the Monocacy a High Quality Coldwater Fishery and nearly two miles of it is designated "Class A" Wild Trout Waters and Trophy Trout Water by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Blaine LaBar, of Bushkill Township, tosses a trophy brown trout into the Monocacy Creek in East Allen Township during a Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission stocking March 6, 2018. The PFBC will continue to monitor the brown trout population managed under Trophy Trout regulations, the next survey is tentatively scheduled for the 2012 field season. I saw plenty of little guys today, and few decent fish in the 12 inch range. Penns Creek, Centre County, Section 02 – 8.10 miles – SR 0045 downstream to the confluence with Elk Creek A 1 1/2 -mile portion of the Monocacy Creek, from the dam near Bella Vista Drive to a point above Monocacy Park in Bethlehem, will be designated trophy trout waters as of Jan. 1. Fishing is permitted on a 24-hour basis. Most trout in the Monocacy are at least 12 inches in length, but there is always a chance of getting lucky, with a 10- to 12-pound rainbow. Monocacy Creek is a tributary of the Lehigh River in Northampton County, Pennsylvania. An angler in a boat may possess bait and fish caught in compliance with the. Expect most trout here to be about a foot in length, but a few are considerably larger. It runs cool and supports a good amount of bug-life. Above the dam is the lower end of the Trophy Trout section which is not stocked and has a healthy population of stream bread browns. The water temperatures in this limestone spring creek are good for trout much of the year. In the article, Mike Kaufmann, an Area Fisheries Manager for the PA Fish & Boat Commission, mentions a naturally reproducing wild brown trout population on the Monocacy Creek (“Monocacy”). That the waterway remains a trophy trout stream is in part a testament to the work of the late Gertie Fox, the so-called "Mrs. Monocacy" who died in January at age 78. The consistently low number of trout > 14 inches encountered during the surveys suggests that the amount of habitat suitable for larger brown trout may be a limiting factor within this section of stream. "Monocacy Creek, below the Trophy Trout area, has a good wild brown trout population," said Michael Kaufmann, area fisheries manager. Estimates of trout > 10 inches in length per mile have ranged from a low of 225 in 2001, to a high of 673 in 1988. I decided to try Monocacy Creek. Figure 1. The first is a 1.9-mile section beginning at state road #987 downstream to state road #248. The estimated number of brown trout greater than or equal to (>) seven (7) inches in length per mile has varied from a low of 729 in 1994 to a high of 1,813 in 1991. The water was low and slow. Dec 24, 2017 - Monocacy Creek. Minimum size – 14 inches, caught on, or in possession on, the waters under these regulations from 8 a.m. on the opening day of the regular trout season through Labor Day. Time series of brown trout biomass estimates for Section 07 of Monocacy Creek from 1988 through 2001 and in 2008.