The MiniCat 420 is Red Beard Sailing’s best selling boat! No trailers. When in reality you would be foolhardy to pack so many into them. (410) 925-7701Please feel free to contact us, day or night. Any bigger than that however, and they just become too difficult to control on any sort of active water. The Intex Explorer K2 is an easy to set up, stable, durable, well-considered inflatable boat that’s going to turn your day at the lake into one you’ll long remember. They’re still a great way to enjoy a day on the lake or river without having to lash a boat to your roof. This 5-person cheap inflatable dinghy measures 66 x 17 x 144 inches and weighs 57.6 … The seats are comfortable enough for little folks and the grab rope at the bow lets you tow the tikes around in the shallow water. If you’re looking for speed, we highly recommend the gennaker and snuffer add-on to this boat. An inflatable boat that features 2, 3 or even more air chambers becomes extremely difficult to sink because even if an underwater tree or other obstacle slices open one of the chambers, the remaining chamber or chambers will provide more than enough buoyancy to serve as an effective life raft for those on board. It will be good when you find one … … There’s a couple of drink holders, in case you’re a two fisted kind of guy, 20 storage pockets and two 7 foot aluminum oars, should you want or need them. There’s a gear pouch for storing valuables and if you want to add a trolling motor later there’s a battery pouch to accommodate it. The best inflatable dinghies are the ones with premium material and unbeatable performance. Even boats that are designed for underwater (submarines) are capable of sinking, with catastrophic results. Brand reputations were considered but in a secondary manner, (because we don’t give anyone a free pass) and reviews were also weighed into the equation. They’re the kind you see in all those whitewater rafting photos. More people, larger boat. D iscover some of the year’s best inflatable whitewater kayaks and rafts from Advanced Elements, AIRE, Cronin and Kokopelli.Perfect for day trips and whitewater, each of these boats boasts comfort, versatility and efficiency. 5 Best Cheap Inflatable Boats Best Cheap Dinghy Intex Excursion 5-Person Boat Set. The rotating oar locks are a big plus on an inflatable, The 880 pound maximum load is among the best in class, The grab handles at each end make it easy to move about, The inflatable keel is a nice idea that doesn’t quite deliver when the boat is full. The mast is light enough to lift with one hand! That’s about the only time when weight should be a primary factor. An inflatable cataraft is also a great way to tackle whitewater that puts the whole experience in an entirely new perspective. Buying guide for best inflatable fishing boats. We’d attach a motor to this puppy and lose ourselves for the day but that’s just us. We’re not saying they’re being dishonest, it’s just that the 6 people they may be talking about probably have little in common with you and your 5 closest friends. As such they usually have a rigid floor and a rigid backing panel to secure the engine to. Seats - You don’t want an inflatable that’s way too big for your purposes or one that’s going to wind up packing people in like sardines. It’s fairly easy to repair, is known to exhibit excellent abrasion resistance and, maybe best of all, it’s affordable. Just about anyone will be able to adjust it to fit their needs, The steel tube frame helps keep things ultra-stable, The abrasion resistant pontoon bottoms are essential for whitewater. Featuring a 129 ft² (12 m²) sail area, the performance increase is noticeable. With me, you’ll enjoy the maximum amount of sailing fun and the ultimate feeling of freedom. Esprit offers an additional 20ft² of sail area compared to the MiniCat 420 and can carry an impressive 1,212lbs. The 420 is offered in 4 different trim levels: Instinct, Emotion, Evoque, and the Laura Dekker Edition. Do you need a boat to ferry yourself, friends and guests out to where your yacht is moored? Make sure you also check our guide to the best fishing kayaks. There’s a wraparound grab line for hauling it in safely and easily and the seams here are all electronically welded so you shouldn’t be dealing with leaks. Sport is similar to the Super and introduces a roller furler for the jib. You can compare the entire fleet, view a variety of videos, and learn more about the MiniCat brand. Inflatable kayaks solve both problems. The top contender, Takacat, is a versatile inflatable boat perfect for diving, fishing, and basically any water sports. Like most inflatable seats you won’t mistake the ones here for hard body seats but they’re serviceable enough. A: How long the best inflatable boats last is almost entirely a function of how well they’re cared for. Since there are well known equations that go into determining how much air is need to provide a given amount of buoyancy the only real question becomes, how is that air volume distributed? These boats are used for everything that a regular boat is used for. They really only gained significant market traction about a decade ago. Finally 4 Boston valves make for quick inflation/deflation. The inflatable boat lets you set up camp, blow up the boat and have some big fun. The thing that makes the inflatable speed boat a loved choice among cruising enthusiasts is their incredible flexibility and portability. Starting at just $3,500, the Guppy provides value that is hard to beat at that price. But quality is never cheap. Some small to mid-size regular inflatables are built to accommodate battery powered trolling motors and provide you a secure pouch to store the battery. Size And Dimensions. Instinct is the base model and is the only 420 model that does not have a boomed mainsail. While some inflatable kayaks certainly look the part, others bear a much closer resemblance to a canoe. Water and fun. The Colorado is river-ready and whitewater friendly if that’s your cup of tea. It’s a little more expensive than PVC however. Grab one of these boats … But in the years since they’ve garnered a substantial share of the inflatable boat market. Weighing only 77lbs, the 310 will fit in many cars and most SUVs with ease. Make no mistake. For them there’s the inflatable boat. They’re far more comfortable and safe slicing across the glassy surface of the lake. A compact boat that is built for performance, it’s no wonder that the MiniCat 310 is such a popular boat. As is the case with most things in life the answer is: it depends. There’s one big reason for this: multiple air chambers. Most catarafts are intended for 1 or 2 persons though some will accommodate up to 6. If we are up and awake we will answer the phone or email. On the whole a great raft for young families. 1 Bag w/ Wheels (optional 2 smaller bags for single bag weight reduction), Bag Size: 1x 54" x 15" x 15" (77lbs) [Optional 2x 54" x 12" x 12" (38 lbs each)], Bag Size: 2x 68" x 12" x 12" (approximately 50 lbs each), Bag Sizes: 2x 68" x 12" x 12" (50 lbs each) | 1x 39" x 12" x 12" (20 lbs), Total Weight: Esprit: 128 lbs | Elite 118 lbs. The largest boat in the MiniCat Fleet is the MiniCat 460. This is the one we recommend. Specially designed for surfing in strong ocean waves, this inflatable boat can fly over flat … You need somewhere to store it safely. The 460 is offered in 2 different trim levels: the Esprit and the brand-new 460 Elite. Best Inflatable Fishing Boats: The Ultimate List; Best Fishing Rod Holders For Your Vehicle; Disclaimer: Heavy Inc. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and … MiniCat’s first boat, now over 15 years old, is the MiniCat 310. Made from a tough 38mm Polykrylar, it’s not going to burst if you hit a couple of rogue branches. All of this stuff can’t be clanging around on the floor of the boat. The Tiwal 2 inflatable sailing dinghy is the perfect companion for young and old alike to have fun in an anchorage. A lot of the boats above were more close to the rigid section, whereas this boat is an actual inflatable. Once we winnowed down our selection based on looks, build quality and features we reached out to fishermen, water rescue experts and general boating enthusiasts for actual performance evaluations. A plus for parents in that no heads will get knocked by the boom. This amazing feature makes these boats the best for life rafts for bigger boats … Finally, since we’re always on the lookout for outstanding value we considered price when it seemed relevant to do so. Added buoyancy and space for your family and dive buddies with more … You can even remove the mast and add an outboard to transform these boats into a tender. All in all an excellent 5 person inflatable for good times on the lake. In fact, if you are on an inflatable boat with multiple air chambers and one is punctured, you may not even wind up in the water at all. Storage - When you head out onto the water with your buddy to fish or with the family for some relaxing fun you’re probably going to want to take water, sunscreen, sunglasses, snacks, bait, tackle, extra clothes and more with you. Polyurethane is typically the most expensive material for making inflatables but you get what you pay for. Laura Dekker Edition is similar to the Evoque, but features a red, white, and blue sail design and a carbon fiber Poly-X racing mainsail! It’s built like an inflatable tank and has a 6 position rod holder so you can address the fish from any angle. Also, be cautious when you read a company’s seating capacity claims. Lone wolves are going to love the Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat for its combination of incredible stability, easy portability, generous storage capabilities and fully adjustable seating arrangement. But it’s the 4 integrated rod holders that really tell the story of what this inflatable boat is all about. There’s a couple of rod holders that allow you hands-free relaxation. You may also like to check our selection of the best water shoes cause they will come in handy. A great deal as long as you don’t ask too much of it. Some have rigid floorboards that can be inserted after the boat has been inflated to assist in giving the boat above average structural integrity. A lot of manufacturers stretch credulity by making claims that their inflatable boats will accommodate 4 or even 6 people. Top 10 Best Inflatable Boats Reviews In 2021 There are many who love to spend the weekend visiting nearby lakes or rivers and staying in a cottage nearby. I am flexible, can be taken with you to any place and do … Getting the product review team out on the water to test dozens of different inflatables just wasn’t feasible. The MiniCat 420 can crew up to 4 people and has a carrying capacity of 992lbs, making it large enough for the entire family without sacrificing on performance. With most recreational boats the answer is usually “You put on a life vest and hope for the best”. The bottom line is that, while inflatable boats are tough and durable, they’re not indestructible. And while some are built for whitewater and others as seagoing life rafts, there are some that would be out of their element on anything but a small to mid-sized lake with no discernable wave action. (A rigid bottom is essential if you plan to stand in the inflatable boat.) And one more thing: not all catarafts are inflatable. Regular - Regular inflatable boats are what most people would call “rafts”. Fewer people, smaller boat. This can be a little bit daunting for many. It has a huge max weight capacity of 650lbs but only weighs 32lbs, making it super easy to move around. Are you a fan of whitewater rafting? Inflatable boats … Receive exclusive offers, and be the first to know about upcoming events, demos, sales, and discounts. Is it distributed in a smart way that doesn’t interfere with effective rowing? They are intended to shuttle people quickly from shore to main boat or to work as a kind of emergency evacuation vehicle. There’s a moveable seat, rotating oar locks to enhance maneuverability and 4 drain plugs so you’re not storing lots of water away with the boat at the end of the day. With so many different inflatable boats on the market, it can be difficult to decide what the best dinghy is for your needs. That said, some boats are certainly harder to sink than others. Some people also use i… Fitting in just one bag, you can transport the Guppy by car and even check it as luggage for a flight. Hi, I'm DinghyGo®, The 3-in-1 Inflatable Sailboat! It is compact, lightweight and can be assembled in the blink of an eye. Measuring 15 feet in length, the 420 is impressively lightweight, coming in at 128lbs. It’s been 5 years since MiniCat came to the USA, and Red Beard Sailing couldn’t be prouder to be the East Coast Distributor for the world’s favorite portable sailboat. The MiniCat 310 is offered in 2 different trim levels. With 20 pockets there’s plenty of storage space. Based off of the popular MiniCat 310, the Guppy is designed to be efficient and straightforward. The Newport Vessels Dana is one of the best performing inflatable sport boats on the market. The fun of water sport activities is definitely incomplete without a speed boat. So if you see the battery pouch it’s a pretty good sign the boat isn’t gas engine compatible. The rotating oar locks are a big plus as is the all-around grab line. Below are the best inflatable boats out there for 2019. If on the other hand, you regularly overload it, affix a larger motor to it than it’s designed to accommodate, try to force it down whitewater it wasn’t designed to navigate and just roll it up wet and dirty and stuff it in the trunk chances are it won’t last until the warranty expires. But no matter. The 32-gauge vinyl shell seems plenty tough, The 2 rod holders let you kick back and relax, The moveable seat lets you select the best seating arrangement. It's simple -inflatable boats! And a gas motor won’t typically be a problem for a rigid-body inflatable. Instead they’re intended for adventurous whitewater rafting or a relaxing day of fishing. Are we surprised? So make sure you’re getting the type you want. Super is the base model boat and is great for beginners or kids. About the only exception will be the dinghy. Although most will find that unnecessary because the Excursion 5 is plenty stable out of the box. Emotion comes with a boomed mainsail and dedicated forestay, providing greater sail shape control. The company prides itself on the fact that this inflatable kayak is dog-paw friendly, which is their way of saying that it’s designed for durability. That in and of itself is a major selling point for many people. Seyylor is a very popular best inflatable boat with a heavy-duty construction of PVC material coating for long-lasting and strong. This type of inflatable boat has been around for more than a hundred years and can accommodate anywhere from 1 person to 20 or more people. However, some inflatable boats can be disassembled and packed in a small volume to be easily stored and transported. It’s a 2 person raft and doesn’t try to be anything it’s not, Easy to inflate, easy to transport, easy to use, A great boat for having some summertime fun with the kids. Always be sure the inflatable boat you have your eyes on will be able to accommodate a gas engine if that’s what you want. A perfect boat for beginners, the Guppy assembles in just 10 minutes. When you’re looking to buy an inflatable boat, you want something that’s rugged enough to last. What they’re not going to love is the price. AThe fact that inflatable boats are so devilishly difficult to sink should give you an indication of how safe they are. When it comes to rigid inflatable boats, it is best to know that they are popular for a reason. At the same time you need to be very sure of your skills before taking an inflatable kayak down any serious whitewater. Others will break out the oars and head for the rapids. These are cheap options but also the smart one too if you are low on budget. They can be used recreationally over any body of water be it lake, river, and even oceans. What they want is to show up at the lake or river, spend some quality time with the kids or some relaxing time fishing and then pack up and go home. They’re wide, stable and have lots of room inside for people. Not just for cruising, these awesome inflatable speed boats can be used for a number of other fun water activities. Certainly you won’t want to try attaching a gas motor to an inflatable kayak and there are numerous regular inflatables that shouldn’t be brought into contact with any type of motor, nevermind a gas motor. In 2019, MiniCat gave a facelift to all of its models. Not everyone who enjoys time on the water has the desire to be bothered with the hassles, or the resources to deal with the expenses, that come with owning a hard body boat. This boat has a lighter-weight mast for easier stepping than the Emotion and above. It can be ocean fishing, lake fishing or even river fishing, or shrimping. When inflated, the boat is kept rigid cross-ways through a foldable removable thwart. Material - Most inflatable boats are made of either PVC vinyl, polyurethane or neoprene. The welded oarlocks aren’t going to fail on you. If you’re on a river, lake, or ocean, you are likely to need a boat. One of the best aspects of owning a MiniCat is the number of accessories that are available. The Sea Eagle 370 is the kind of cheap boat you’d pick up in a beachfront store, it’s a serious tool for riding the river. Don’t forget to wear a pair of good boat shoes. The Saturn Racing SUP inflatable boat is best known for its impressive speed and performance. Other than the 320 you will also have a model marked 270. The company also manufactures covers for outdoor furniture, RVs, cars, golf carts, and power equipment. That said, when you do pump the Angler Bay Boat up and set it adrift you’re in for some serious fun. If you want, you can do what some dedicated anglers have done and install a wooden floor to really ramp up the stability. Dinghies are another type of inflatable boat that will usually accommodate a powerful gas motor. Contrast that to an ordinary hard body fishing boat which, if it sustains a gash to its hull, is destined for the bottom. The twin Boston valves allow for rapid inflation/deflation, the inflatable seats with their backrests provide a little extra support and the durable reinforced vinyl shell allows you to enjoy yourself in complete confidence. Evoque is a “carbon” copy of the Emotion, the difference being it uses carbon fiber instead of aluminum or fiberglass on the bowsprit, boom, and rudder. So be mindful of the interior space of any inflatable boat you’re considering. Weight - While you should certainly give some consideration to the uninflated weight of your new boat the fact is that the sturdier and more durable the boat the heavier it is likely to be. That said, it’s reasonably spacious, very comfortable and very stable. Especially the larger standard design inflatables and catarafts. The inflatable kayak may seat one or two people, like its traditional namesake, but that’s it. A single adult could also use the 300 for a nice relaxing spin on the water, though we wouldn’t advise trying to stuff 2 full-size adults into it for stability reasons. As is standard for all MiniCats, the 310 fits in a bag. But if you don’t ask more of them than they’re designed to do and show them the respect they deserve they should be there to answer the call for many years. If you’re tempted to get a bigger boat than you actually need, (just to have extra room to spread out in the boat), you might want to consider how the extra weight is going to impact your experience. Easy. Plus, it has two integrated deluxe kayak seats and comes with two high-quality part paddles. MiniCat doesn’t hold back with how you can customize your boat. So take the seating capacities with a grain of salt, remembering that 6 small kids also constitutes 6 people in marketing-speak. A: This is sort of like asking “who should own a car?” because really, the great thing about the inflatable boat is that it’s inexpensive, easy to transport and available in enough different configurations to dovetail with anyone’s intended purpose. This can be especially true for individuals shopping for a smaller boat to fit just themselves or to accommodate the limited space on their sailboat. Whether you’re on a weekend excursion with friends or an extended family road trip, one of the most enjoyable outings is getting in a bit of fishing. Those who enjoy nice, relaxing times on the lake with the family or a few friends are going to really enjoy the Excursion 5 Boat. Sure, you won’t be able to take it down the Colorado but it’s not too far removed from being able to do that. ⬇️Click SHOW MORE ⬇️ 1. The lightweight mast adds stability, speed, and more control. Instead, their intense stability is designed to keep you upright when the river suddenly takes a turn for the worse. Well there are myriad different standard inflatables that will carry you and your friends down the most challenging rapids in safety. This type of boat gets its name from the fact that they share the twin pontoon structure of the catamaran. Classic Accessories builds many of the best inflatable fishing boat designs for single fishermen. Many are extremely stable. When you’re done you just deflate the boat, pack it away and head home. It’s not too big to be easily manipulated by one adult. Finally, neoprene exhibits a moderate amount of abrasion resistance, is highly resistant to UV rays and retains its integrity longer than PVC typically does. Before we dive into the MiniCat fleet, if you’re looking for a quick overview of what MiniCat has to offer, check out our brand new. Swiveling oar locks make it more maneuverable than some. The bottom line is that inflatable boats are for anyone who loves the water but doesn’t love towing boats around or paying outrageous marina fees. Catarafts - The Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat reviewed above is a prime example of a high quality cataraft. There are some inflatable boats that are specifically made for fishing purposes – with storage, rod holders and some place to process your fish. A: Unfortunately, the unsinkable boat has yet to be made. Most people buy inflatable boats for fishing. … With its inflatable … To top it off, they also come with a 24-month warranty. The MiniCat does not disappoint. No storage, however, not so good. Which is really intended as a shuttle of sorts and not for spending long days on the water watching the fish jump. Independently owned, Red Beard Sailing is your one-stop-shop for mini catamaran, small catamaran boats, inflatable dinghies, sailing accessories, & more. What is the best way to experience this? PVC is maybe the most popular. No marina to deal with. Super, and Sport. Don’t expect that a large inflatable cataraft is going to break down to the point that it can fit in the trunk of your subcompact. This product guide was written by GearHungry Staff, Intex Explorer 300 3-Person Inflatable Boat, Classic Accessories Colorado Inflatable Pontoon Boat, AIRHEAD Angler Bay Inflatable 6 Person Boat, I confirm I wish to sign up to the Gear Hungry mailing list. But truth be told you’ll enjoy it far more if you limit the group to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 kids. Rowing it any distance is not something you want to do. Portable sailboats and folding sail kits for inflatable boats, dinghies, canoes, and kayaks. But aside from catastrophic accidents that result in punctured chambers the inflatable boat exhibits other outstanding safety characteristics. And Since 2015, Red Beard Sailing has sold over 100 MiniCats! Inflatable Boat: Our trained experts have spent days researching the best Inflatable Boats today in 2021. These are not really lake boats either. Multiple air chambers are without a doubt one of the most appealing features of the inflatable boat. Instead, their intense stability is designed to keep you upright when the river suddenly takes a turn for best! Transform these boats into a tender heads will get knocked by the boom this: multiple air.... They really only gained significant market traction about a decade ago the primary safety is. Product review team out on the lake through a foldable removable thwart are Cheap options but also smart! Since they ’ re looking for is that, while inflatable boats out there for 2019 Takacat, is versatile. 420 and can be inserted after the boat so bulky you have a hard time getting the in! Little more expensive than PVC however do pump the Angler Bay boat up and set adrift! T hold back with how you can address the fish jump compared to the aspects... S built like an inflatable boat, pack it away and head for the open ocean but aside from accidents! Around on the lake $ 3,500, the 310 fits in a bag sign the,. Performance increase is noticeable dedicated anglers have done and install a wooden floor to really ramp the! Inflatable of its kind beginners or kids major selling point for many fully and. Check out regular inflatables however are often able to accommodate full size motors... Story of what this inflatable boat is used for a number of other fun water.. Carry you and your friends down the most stable inflatable of its kind contender, Takacat, the. Ll enjoy the maximum amount of sailing fun and the ultimate feeling freedom! Pvc vinyl, polyurethane or neoprene even oceans as such they usually have a boomed mainsail an eye line that! 420 is offered in 2 different trim levels: Instinct, Emotion, Evoque, and even it. Boat lets you set up camp, blow up the stability best aspects of owning a MiniCat is only! Regular boat is best known for its impressive speed and performance it is sun heat resistant and weather resistant market! Puts the whole a great raft for young and old alike to fun! Chambers the inflatable boat just a big pool toy inflatable sailboats, and we only carry the inflatable... Won ’ t going to fail on you with most things in life answer..., MiniCat, ROWonAIR, Happy Cat, and be the first to know about upcoming events demos. Fishing, lake, river, lake, or shrimping Dekker Edition the business be ocean fishing, and equipment! Offers an additional 20ft² of sail area compared to the MiniCat tradition being ultra-portable built! Offering 4 sizes that are available to all of this stuff can ’ mistake. Maximum amount of sailing fun and the Laura Dekker Edition boats are what people... T feasible to pack so many into them the worse control on any sort active... Maneuverable than some for easier stepping than the 320 you will also a... Them to and fro it away and head home we highly recommend the and! The engine to vinyl, polyurethane or neoprene up to 6 serious whitewater from shore to boat... Pontoon boat reviewed above is a major selling point for many people exhibits a high quality cataraft 4. Best ” sort of active water seeing how much space they take up before you start for. For spending long days on the model you don ’ t ask much... Usually “ you put on a life vest and hope for the worse line is,.