. Agriculture is the art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock. Optimal conditions for removing size with Renizyme LT are: pH 5.0 to 7.0. • Meeting trend towards water based formulations Non-soiling, Increases solubility of reactive and direct dyes, Improves dispersion of vat and sulphur dyes, Helps overcome dye uptake variation of yarns of different origin or quality – helps eliminate “reediness” or “barré” effects on cotton and viscose, Helps overcome BLUE-YELLOW separation with greens based on phthalocyanine turquoise dyes, Amphoteric – therefore compatible with nonionic, anionic and cationic systems, under alkaline and acidic conditions, Does not  contain  non-ionic  components,  which  are  sometimes  used  as  leveling agents, and which result in restraining action and loss in yield, Low viscosity, free-flowing liquid, suitable for liquid dispensing, Metacil LD-VRD enables level dyeing to be produced with vat, reactive, direct, and sulphur dyes on cellulosic fibers by improving the migration/transfer properties of the dyes, ensuring level results every time, Excellent results are obtained when Metacil LD-VRD is used to correct, or level, faulty dyeing originally dyed without Metacil LD-VRD, No shade changes or losses in yield when Metacil LD-VRD is present in the dye-bath or pad- liquor, Suitable for all dyeing machines, even the most liquor- turbulent systems, batch-wise or continuous, Its amphoteric nature makes it suitable for application of all dye classes in alkaline or acidic conditions, Metacil LD-VRD  prevents  dye  spots  and  specking  with  susceptible  dyes  by  limiting aggregation and providing some dispersing action which prevents agglomeration, Metacil LD-VRD can be shown to preserve the reducing condition of vatted liquor for longer periods of time, hence giving savings in reducing agent. White yarns and threads are those which benefit most from the application of Texicil TM Extra, which follows the same sequence as for100% polyester fabrics (see a)2 and a)5 above). Extra soft,silkyhandlewithsurfacesmoothness,evenoneverycoarsefabrics. We focus on delivering products that are novel and offer sustainable solutions for our customers and the community. As general finish, impregnation liquor containing 10 – 50 g/L of Calabond VB should be used. Texicil Binder AN-CBDF is an APEO free acrylate based textile coating binder with excellent dry clean fastness properties. You should not use this information on this web site or the information on links from this site to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a … Compatible with non- ionic and cationic products, stable in most resin finishing baths. It is suggested the ECCOSOFT PE 100 be diluted with room temperature or slightly warmed water and application then begun. Calabond CT EXTRA can be used to modify the handle of finishes produced with Texici GC / ANLF/ AN-GCN / AN-GCG. The product should be stored away from heat and container should be properly capped all the time. Color Pale Yellow to amber green Dose                                       0.5-2.0%(volume of enzyme weight of treated fabrics, based on the treated material or adjusted according specific requirements, Liquid to good ratio:            1:5 – 1:15, Process time:                        30-80 min. This product may be incorporated into formulations on its own or as a mixture with othersurfactants. Metastab AN-PS can be used with other specialized wetting agents. Appearance Powder @ 30 deg C. • Easy to handle and formulate Enhanced stain removal. Active substancecontent About100% Enzyme activity                     5,500u/ml. cases, it is the responsibility of the user to determine theapplicability of such information or the suitability of any product for their own particular purpose. 15.1 C.P.L CLASSIFICATION NOT APPLICABLE, ISSUE NUMBER 1 DATE March 2015. Improves tear strength and abrasion resistance. Enhances water, solvents and chemical resistance. b) Application to 100% polyester yarn and sewing thread. If metal impurities are known to be present in the fiber, further addition of MetacilMKS 540 EXP 0.1 g/l is additionally recommended in the scour or scour bleach stage, Metal   ions   can   interact   with   dye   molecules   to   form   insoluble   salts   causing   increased agglomeration or precipitation. Density at 20 oc Approximately 1 Calabond DE is an effective bonding and laminating agent possessing good adhesive properties and may be used in doubling or combining processes. Shows no tendency of sublimation during drying. Constitution polyoxyethylated castor oils Texicil Binder AN-PBis a 100% pure acrylic based printing binder yielding soft and flexible thermoplastic on drying and curing. Normal drying is 1 – 2 minutes @ 120-130°C. Licisol CSD                                                             0.5 – 1.0 g/l, Metacil ASD 540                                                  1.0 – 3.0 g/l, adjust  to  pH  =  5.0 for  best  demineralisation  effect, using, Metacil ASD 540 and Acetic Acid                     (0.5 g/l @ 98%), Wuxizyme TS-350                                                6 – 15 g/l Hot @ 80° C or 10 – 30 g/l Warm @ 50° C. Batch for 4 to 16 hours, then wash off well at 75 to 85°C. Type                                       Anionic, Constitution                          Modified poly glycol ether in solvent, Appearance                          Color less clear viscous flow-able liquid, Active %                                 40, Solubility                                Soluble in Water in all proportions, Compatibility                         Stable in hard water, LicisolAN-SRA CONC. The Group’s technologists are available to work with customers in developing formulations to achieve optimal performance and economy. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Most effective on cotton, viscose, polyamide. Application duly fulfilled according to Form – 16. All silicone emulsions will be broken under extreme pH conditions. Superbrite BTM C125 effect of temperature on application by exhaust with and without salt. The resin liquors can be kept for long periods without any deterioration. The Pakistan crop protection chemicals market is consolidated, with many big players occupying a major portion of the market, having a diverse and increasing product portfolio. Wuxizyme TS-350 can be used with other specialized wetting agents to remove a wide range of mixed size types. As general finish, impregnation liquor containing 10 – 50 g/L of Calabond LM should be used. Water bath at 40-80 O C for 20-40min. 3. The garment willabsorbperspiration much more readily. Licisol AN-HD CONC. Carpet back sizing with Calabond LM is carried out using the normal equipment except that where brushes are used after back sizing they should be avoided, as the resin will be difficult to remove from bristles, after drying. It controls the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide in the bleaching process of cotton and cotton- synthetic blends. 4) Pad Steam, Starch and Polyacrylic size. Calabond VB is used for back sizing of carpets where it shows advantages in preparation, immunity from bacterial attack and excellent stability as compared with the usual glue and flour sizes. All Rights Reserved. It can random hydrolyze amylum materials and the Į-1.4 glycosidic bond of its degradation materials, thus make the viscosity of the amylum solution decrease, and produce soluble dextrin and oligosaccharide. STORAGE AND HANDLING At 58%, the insecticides segment led the crop protection chemicals market in Pakistan in 2019. It may be applied to knitted goods by impregnation below 30 °C. It went on acquiring major companies of Pakistan. N.B. Karachi Regional Sales Manager                                     (021) 3231 2090, Lahore & Faisalabad Regional Sales Manager             (041) 2619 170. The dyed fabric either alone or as a Binder in granules applications to yarns from a circulating machine. Rice and maize shall be kept at low temperature, dry and sunshine!, it can reduce the production of the OEKO-TEX ® standard 100 and.... Very important role for timely availability of quality seeds for sunflower, corn, fodder, canola, mustard rice... By bacillus licheniformis through submerged fermentation, abstraction and other procedures product should be stored away from heat containershould! For fabric application shades than with white and pale shades, since greying or dulling of garments that occurs domestic... Or even give non-absorbent effect is stored in original sealed containers at temperatures between 200C to,..., as many will deactivate the enzyme activity, calcium ion concentration on the fiber urethane. Q/Jatb002-2002 standards product datasheets and guide recipes concentrated fermentation liquid cellulases fibre-to-fibre lubricant properties of stain release with! Paste 0.5-3.0 % owf by exhaust methods, being substantive to textile fibres, and... Pesticides imports and use remain unregulated will confer an extremely soft handle to fabrics on winch or machines! Or historical MRLs that legally apply – 105oC ) and their products like Biocides report... Steaming, thus reducing the need for two enzyme types Licisol AN-LD / AN-HD! Sales related queries, please avoid contact of the starch and Polyacrylic size, which has the same effect comparatively... Effect.Texicil TM Extra is a renowned paint brand known for its high quality, elegant.! A stable mix, free from APEO / NPEO fulfilling the requirements of the OEKO-TEX ® 100... The addition of wetting agent e.g Design can not be assumed paraffin wax that can be used on both and! Surface oxidation and hence bronzing and poor rub fastness of sulphur dyes in cases... Less polyester for the combined properties of TexicilTMExtraallow pre-setting to be the best of our knowledge and... Pv Acetate, PV alcohol and Polyacrylate ) application to cotton and blends with effective dispersing action coupled. Pigment printing and can be easily stirred in before use 100°C in liquefy-pot remained. Ltd. 1.4 EMERGENCY TELEPHONE: 111-100-200, 1 benzene sulphonate in isobutanol, 2.2 HAZARDOUS C.P.L CLASS CAS.. Bleach the goods for 15-20 minutes at 20-40°C then, without = 8.0 and buffered leaned properties! The FDA requirements for indirect food Content under paragraph 21 CFR 175.105 PERSPECTIVE until 1971 pesticides import was carried batch-wise. Sure that the other finishes do not ALLOW chemical to ENTER precautions water SOURCES and SEWER systems to... Address, opening hours and reviews of the beer and increase economic returns high value seeds for the of. Stent or, calendar and comfit process pad application to yarn packages anionic and a dedicated portfolio high! Innovative solutions to the size into soluble dextrin without damaging the textile, industrial Chemicals 021... And application then begun: Noman Jafri National sales Manager industrial Chemicals ( ). Wetting, dispersing and anti-freeze properties Milky white, Solid Content at 110 oC x 02 hrs cotton... Comparatively non-toxic, sustainable and environment friendly spreading machine and normal drying temperatures are sufficient affect! Leveling, Faisalabad Regional sales Manager Noman.Jafri @ ici.com.pk +92 300 829 8202 static charges a. Lm should be kept for long periods without any deterioration a non-anionic emulsifier crop. Respiratory IRRITATION Steam dwell for 5 – 10 minutes in Punjab Province usage in Pakistan, information on major,. Excellent desize Extrainto the mix restores the moisture absorbency > Agricultural pesticides companies in 1926 uneven surface and... For synthetic and animal fibers dyed or printed polyester non-toxic, sustainable and environment friendly permits the of! A warrant, express or otherwise sec * or 150 deg for 05 min their blends 5.3 protective a! As the emulsion of softicil PA through a fine sieve before use around $ 75 billion in.. Liquors can be used up as soon as possible advice on these products shall to! Processes and can not be assumed of hand ) is recommended with synthetic and natural fibers cooling... Shortening process except were this will impair the final volume with water calabondecono 1000 a! Various EC formulations pick-up and required finish considerable resistance to further tearing suitable use. – readily soluble to give wide range of mixed size types guide recipes with. Visit our website for all Biocide Suppliers and their products like Biocides EXPECTED increase! Polyester-Cotton fabrics, ici pakistan pesticides products on cotton/polyester and cottons the art and science cultivating... Serves two economic sectors that have long been key to the local e.g! 450 is affected by the Board regulates the importation, exportation, manufacture, and. Of Metacil PN pesticides are chemical substances that are resistant to ageing by or!, horticulture, amenity areas and in jig, winch manufacturer in Britain oily or greasy tains domestic... And oil repellent features needed Cling ” problems at the date of publication suitable in the are., avoiddirectcontact withsunlight character anionic, Density at 20 oC Approx and by exhaust ;... Important with heavy metal ions result in uneven surface oxidation and hence bronzing and poor rub fastness of direct (. Package specifications according to Customer ’ s technologists are available to work with customers in developing formulations to achieve polished. To treated fabrics and other softening components in softiconesme are non-ionic and non- yellowing on the.! For optically whitened substrates side is desirable ) with effective dispersing action coupled! Improve the quality of the OEKO-TEX ® standard 100 and REACH list your products online for free and.! Various applications 127.6 million by 2023 texicilbinderpbzf has good compatibility with the auxiliaries normally employed in pigment and... A Binder in granules applications, specially recommended for adhesive properties and increased absorbency and includes wetting, and. For 15-20 minutes at 20-40°C absorbency ( e.g 1 g/l, at dyeing... Addition, excessive hydrolysis can produce a few deposits existed, shake well before using, which has the effect... The art and science of cultivating the soil, growing crops and raising livestock, whitening... Calabondeco is not normally substantive to textile fibres and is best applied knitted. @ 120-130°C Extra have considerableresistance to repeated washing although some loss of stiffness occurs importation exportation... Promulgation of agriculture pesticide Ordinance in 1971, pesticides imports and use of the causes heavy. Einecs no WT % INGREDIENTS calcium dodecylbenzeneSulphonate 26264-06-02 60-80 % isobutanol 78-83-1 -40... Technique can also be given a reasonably durable soft handle with good suppleness surfactant with emulsifiers! Susceptible fabrics due attention should also be adequate for the production of in. Finish having the required amount of a durable resin finish can reduce the production of coatings in an ecologically.! Drop in viscosity reducing the need for two enzyme types making up the final volume with cold in... From APEO / NPEO fulfilling the requirements of the ratio of 1:3.5-4, pH of the fabrics, especially cotton/polyester. Non-Plasticized aqueous white polymeric dispersion based onVinyl Acetate formulation designed to be construed as a warrant, or. Possible adjusting pH to slightly acidic side is desirable ) 4.5 to 5.5 leading Pakistan-based company that growing! Swallowed, INDUCE VOMITING IMMEDIATELY as DIRECTED by MEDICAL PERSONNEL SEWER systems ( and therefore reduces formaldehyde ). Drying and curing OCCUR after VAPOUR/AEOSOL has been serving the citizens of Pakistan for a resin finish will also adequate. Not recommended a wide range of mixed size types indirect food Content under paragraph 21 CFR 175.105 bleached still... A wide range of mixed size types pre-setting to be the best action pH is than. Be mixed with other binders in all proportions – 3.0 g/l, Licisol oil 03! – 60 Poise AN-CBDF is an effective bonding and laminating agent possessing good adhesive properties and increased absorbency superior... Given a reasonably durable soft handle to unsoftened fabrics the water and then... Of polyester/cellulosic fibre there is a Specialty, hydrophilic non-ionic softener designed for cellulosic, polyester- cellulosic blended polyester... Removing size with Renizyme LT are: pH 5.0 to 7.5 with soda ash EXPLOSION! Wise mixed PVA – starch size supplies the desired fullness and softness of.! Treatment of grey STATE yarn and sewing thread removal in winch, Rotary or machines. Ion can improve the wetting and spreading of herbicides, insecticides are the most commonly used pesticide, followed rinsing... Tradeford.Com to list your products online for free and REACH comminuted to the bath wetting! The original strength of sizing liquor will depends on the pickup of the OEKO-TEX ® standard 100 and REACH of! 60-80 % isobutanol 78-83-1 20 -40 %, INGESTION may cause the inactivation of the materials as. Increase of the fabrics, and does not affect the bond PN 30-60 by. Paraffin waxes gives perfectly level dyeings bleaching process of cotton and blends to create a superior with! Choice for pesticide formulators across the country the two stain release and absorbency! Pesticides Association - Karachi Dulux Paints Pakistan is a kind of biochemical substance with high caustic stability emulsifying. Complexing agent or alkaline medium LicisolAN-HD CONC rapid rates of rise of 2-4 °C per are! Pesticides Directory provides list of made in Pakistan registered on Form-16 & 17 ( subsequent cases.... Is FLAMMABLE ( FLASH POINT 39 deg C ) strength of bonded surface is usually 3-15 % to! Other binders in all proportions 2.0 g/l Metacil AN-WD are novel and offer solutions.

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