GAC S eason 13 - 5v5 Season 14 - 3v3; Season 13 - 5v5; Season 12 - 3v3; Win % Sort By; Win% Avg Banners Seen Seen 87 Win % 98.9% © Copyright > SWGOH.TV. so back row it in GAC behind Ewoks and Geos. That's another 7 turns with each one potentially dishing out 25% TM. Perhaps if the MM team could get around the Magna taunt early and target B2, it could resist this one, but it seems like a poor matchup for MM. Just a few weeks after adding Threepio & Chewie to the game we get Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebel Alliance. Ideal Mod Setup for SWGoH Baze Malbus: Baze Malbus is a character that lost a lot of value as the game’s power creep continued to roll from 2017 to 2020. This team will no doubt be incredibly useful in PVE with the TM engines you've mentioned. BH - BH may not be a hard counter to Mon Mothma, but the fact that they have 2 members who can prevent revives make it seem like it might be a bad idea. SWGOH Mon Mothma Counters Based on 10,006 GAC Battles analyzed this season. She also has very high protection at 69k. X. Which is unfortunate and will turn some people off who absolutely need 3pO with CLS or Padme. He also has an AOE blind, and most interestingly has a revive that causes him to revive when any other ally is revived. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. It seems very possible that a tank isn’t necessary, but I would want a super fast Jyn in there to give you the best chance of getting first turn. Ask CG to increase defense setting from 7 to 9 (3 for each non-fleet slice). 106 votes, 83 comments. However they could be important components of certain variations of this team. He has subpar damage, and performs more as a healer than an attacker, granting allies heal over time, equalizing health, and gives allies tenacity up or a buff dispell, depending on whether or not they are debuffed. I think both of those options have a lot of potential. be Palp lead with Vader. He will only have 30% damage reduction on his assists. GAC S eason 14 - 3v3 Season 14 - 3v3; Season 13 - 5v5; Season 12 - 3v3; Win % Sort By; Win% Avg Banners Seen Seen 16 Win % 100% Avg 59 Seen 23 Win % 100% Avg 53 Seen 54 Win % 100% Avg 52 Seen 21 Win % With good speed mods Jyn is probably going first before anything that isn't a GL. The problem with rebel soldier is that he doesn’t have the auto taunts OR the crazy defensive stats/revives. Anything which either stops the Mon Mothma tm train or whose tm train is even stronger. Additionally, Wedge deals 2x damage on basic if the enemy is inflicted with defense down, which he inflicts on his basic as well. 84.5k members in the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. Viewing the 99th percentile of occurances. However, she has a TM removal ability on a 2 turn cooldown, and most importantly, she can gain taunt on basic. There is some reasoning behind this, but I definitely do not think it is the optimal team comp, or even the most convenient team comp. This is a fun team but gets wreck by a solo Nest or Traya. Bistan also gains bonus potency that will of course be shared with his allies. Yeah I don’t think I would put this team on defense for the simple fact that Wampa exists. Bodhi Rook - Bodhi has a lackluster basic and long 4 turn cooldowns on both specials. New Defenses This Round ... Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: GAC Live-Stream 3v3 (Free at Last). Honestly, the problem is 7 defenses (division 1, of course, but that's the endgame). Probably still not optimal for PvP situations (except Geos, as you say) but might make him more useful in multi-wave PvE battles (TB, mainly) than he first appears. They are a solid team but their zeta's and overall stats are outdated many of them not having a Zeta at all. Mon Mothma and Rebel Fighter allies have a 100% chance to assist each other whenever they use an ability during their turn, dealing 90% less damage (limit once per turn per ally). Very nice idea, I think this can work, the only part that seems like unreliable is Jyn’s first turn relying entirely on landing the TM steal, if that fails the whole thing can fall apart. More posts from the SWGalaxyOfHeroes community. A lot of the 'op' teams have had hard counters that are very specific to beating them but are essentially limited against other teams. This can cause Biggs to respond to AOE attacks and break an enemy TM train. AhnaldT101 Biscuit Weazel His favourite toon is Darth Vader (same as me) and "captain" (any stormtrooper). Those are my notes on this faction, i'm not sure how C3PO or Threepio and Chewie could fit into this team, but I definitely think there is a lot of theorycrafting potential here. SE - Despite Mon Mothma being untargettable, it seems unlikely that this team will be able to beat a Drevan + Malak SE squad. SWGOH Mon Mothma Counters Based on 10,006 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Cara Dune - Cara has pretty pathetic armor/resistance stats, which is especially notable as they will be shared with the whole team. SWGOH Mon Mothma Counters Based on 1,219 GAC Battles analyzed this season. Defense down from Wedge or % health damage from C3PO could come in handy here. Vader massively benefits from the 6th enemy character through merciless massacre and gains an additional 48 speed to get things started. This would pair excellently with Mon Mothma as she can revive her rebel fighter allies. Additionally bringing Lando/Wedge may have value here. Powerful 3v3 Sith Eternal ... Game Status Review | Episode 36 | State of Survival: The Bunker. Just be careful if they decide to put Wat in the team, as whoever gets the blastech weapon mod will prevent revives on anyone they kill. 40% chance to cause all allies to gain 25% TM on basic becomes a reliable TM engine when you consider the sheer amount of assists this team will be calling. He has a strange zeta that causes him to gain 1% protection anytime he takes damage, which will probably end up being useless in most encounters, but against Geos it could have value. GAC S eason 14 - 3v3 Season 14 - 3v3; Season 13 - 5v5; Season 12 - 3v3; Seen 36732 ... 89.8% Geonosian Brood Alpha Counters. I am thinking MM, Pao, HTSc, with Churro and Baze, mostly as I have them all 12 G12 (well, except MM). This Rebel Team is No Joke in 3v3! Keep in mind Mon Mothma can provide taunt and Crit Immunity for 2 turns with her rally special that is on a 5 turn cooldown. I’d be interested in seeing how this team does without a taunt, just go straight offense TM train similar to imperial troopers. Nute (L) Seps - A currently popular defensive team. B2 and Boba are obviously key to beating Chaze but agianst Wiggs teams w/o STHan or a droid team they're a liability. Additionally he can apply his confuse, and provide allies with some minor passive offensive bonuses. Cassian's debuffs and high single target damage would be vital in preventing this team from being countered by Kru, OG Kylo, or Nest. Seen 17965 Win % 85.8% Kylo Ren (Unmasked) Counters. Her second special can also deal damage, steal TM, and stun on a 2 turn cooldown. Excellent write up and I am so dang tempted some hoarded materials on this team. Alliance Chancellor. She can revive when killed with potency up, which she should have every other turn. I don't have to worry about losing tickets or my arena climb. I really like your team breakdown, I think in TW that has to be the most effective way to build 3 capable squads. Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: 3v3 Grand Arena Championships vs. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile game by EA Capital Games where … He is probably not the best in slot for this team, but he provides Chirrut 10% TM on basic which could work if you already have him geared up and want to slot him into this team. Seen 15766 Win % 90.3% Bossk Counters. She also has a very valuable revive, which could potentially be vitally important. This could end up being very valuable in keeping Cara alive. C3PO can also provide cooldown reductions to Mon Mothma who has very long cooldowns, allowing her to get her summoned ally upgraded quicker. 40% TM gain on his offense up ability, plus reduced cooldowns from every allied rebels basic, and 5% TM gain from each allied rebel basic makes him gain 65% TM from each of his own turns, plus at least 25% TM from each of his allies turns. However, he does gain taunt whenever he uses an ability while buffed, which will be every turn as long as Pao keeps offense up on him. (By solo nest i assume you mean when this team is on def), And id really recommend it on defense, since its viability would increase since you win on timeouts instead of lose. After watching me play SWGOH for 2 years, Galactic Challenges is the first time I've been able to give my son a go.

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